Checking Accounts

There are two checking accounts: The Regular Account and a 50+ No Service Fee Account.

The Regular Checking Account

The First National Bank of Orwell basic regular checking account is for Individual, Business, and other use.

The 50+ No Service Fee Account

This account functions exactly the same as the regular account except there is no monthly service fee.

Account Activity and Rules

There is no minimum balance required to open the account so long as the funds provided are sufficient to cover the monthly service charge and the purchase price of the checks selected for printing.

There is no minimum balance required to maintain the account in good standing so long as the balance is positive and is sufficient to cover checks written, checks purchased, and fees assessed as described in this disclosure when applicable.

The Bank reserves the right to close any account from which checks are frequently written against insufficient balances or is operated in an otherwise irregular manner.

Fees that are or may be assessed against this checking account

The Current Monthly Service Charge is $2.00.

Check printing charges will depend on the volume and design of checks, check registers and imprint/printing desired. The check charges are electronically assessed to the account at the time the vendor/printer processes the check order.

All fees and service charges associated with the Checking Account are included on a separate counter handbill.